Our History

Weeks Honey Farm is a family owned business, operated by Sharon Weeks Crosby and her son Ray Crosby in Omega, Georgia. Our company was founded by Flaval G. and Margaret Weeks in the early 1960's. As of today, after over 50 years in business, we have had four generations active in the business!

All of our honey is produced in America, "strained" not filtered, with satisfaction guaranteed! Our family prays God blesses you in your life as He has in ours!


Our Associations

We've been blessed through the years to be able to participate with, contribute to, and simply be associated with the following organizations. We encourage you to become familiar with these, or any others that can help you give back what's been given to you!

- our local churches

- Arms of Love Ministries (Allen Tanner)

- Fellowship of Christian Farmers: fcfi.org

- Boys & Girls Clubs, Inc.: bgca.org

- The King's Dream: thekingsdream@gmail.com

How Our Honey Goes From the Hive to You!

Customer Testimonials

We're proud to share with you some of the countless letters of thanks we've
received from our awesome customers!

I visited Sprouts in Snellville,Georgia last week. I bought a jar of the gallberry honey. It was a good price. It is also the best honey I have ever eaten! My husband agrees! I did not know of you before then. I was impressed with the bible verse on the jar. It reminded me of years back when I taught a two year old Sunday school class and their memory verse was Gods words are sweeter than honey. We sampled honey on a spoon while they learned this. So glad Sprouts has your product in their store!
Cynthia H.

As an internal medicine physician who recommends Buckwheat Honey to my patients for reactive airway coughs (also known as cough variant asthma), I recommend specifically PURE RAW HONEY, Buckwheat variety for my patients. The original studies were done in children (age > 1 yo) who had nocturnal coughs with viral infections. I extrapolated from those studies and found that Buckwheat honey can work to decrease cough associated with viral infections. It also can have a salutary effect on sinus congestion and be a gentle stimulant of bringing up phlegm from the chest. So even though the original studies were done using Pennsylvania Buckwheat Honey, I find Georgia PURE RAW HONEY to be equally as good. And kudos to those who have bee hives and are caring for those precious creatures! This spring I plan to plant some bee friendly flowers and avoid using pesticides while doing my part to be "bee friendly"
Charles Beauchamp MD, PhD

The first time I saw honey, I was on a farm and couldn't imagine why anyone would put honey on corncakes (a variation of pancakes). Fast forward, I was away at college and had picked up some bad eating habits. Fortunately, a family friend owned a health food grocery store and restaurant. They served Weeks tupelo honey in herbal tea and today, 30 years later, Weeks tupelo raw honey is my favorite. I love it and will never switch. Long live Weeks Farm ... home of the best honey in the world!
Gwendolyn Gilliam

Because I'm not a 'blogger' or 'facebook' adept, I have to write this by confidence it will reach [millions.] My comment is, that after receiving my last order; "The kindness, and service that you receive from Ray and Sonia at Week's Honey Farm is sweeter than the honey and other products they sell than anywhere in the country. Thank you Ray & Sonia, for being the best, and having quality product and service. God Bless, and you have my consent to pass this along by whatever vehicle you use.
S. Coleman
Lithonia, Georgia

I received my 'Tupelo Honey' yesterday--really makes hot biscuits better!! Thanks a whole bunch and hope you and yours have a Blessed Christmas Season!! So glad I found this company through the Index.......Regards to all.
E. Rollins

Yesterday my husband went to Whole Foods and specially bought me some of your Buckwheat Honey. I love buckwheat! He also bought Maranatha no stir crunchy peanut butter. Boy Howdy, I tell you, we both went NUTS!!!! It's like we've never really tasted honey (OR peanut butter)! I'll never buy any other and I'm getting some for my friends.
S. Rousseau-Risdon
Atlanta, Georgia

I bought two 12lbs. jugs of your wildflower honey 4 1/2 years ago before moving to Montana. We recently ate the last of it. I have opened a jug of Oregon honey and it is not near as good as your honey. Actually, not even close!

I received package on yesterday. I look forward to buying more honey soon. Loving the orange blossom! Be blessed.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Hope you stay in business for a long time as I am a loyal customer. I am so glad I will be able to order your honey once I move to Florida.
K. Retherford

Hey guys! We received the honey. So excited! They go perfectly in our little coffee mug gift packages! Thanks for the 'extra' honey candies, too! I had a couple yesterday...sooo yummy!

Thank you again for your help. It was a pleasure working with you!

I just recently purchased some of your orange blossom honey and not only does it taste great but you shipped it very fast and I appreciate that. I need to be ordering more as this is for a baby shower party favor and I didn't order enough. I also am a Christian and prefer to support American owned and Christain companies. I'll will pass your name around. God Bless you.
S. Barger

I really do love your honey. I read several articles about the origination and benefits of the Tupelo honey and it's very interesting. You do a great job with my orders and I appreciate your efforts.
R. & T. Hargrove
Orange Beach, Alabama

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your wildflower honey. I buy it regularly at Mother nature Store in Snellville. When they are out of it, I am not a happy camper :( I have tried other honey and it just does not compare. I also appreciate the scripture. I go through 1 16 oz every week to week and a half! Thank you for your fine product.
B. Coffin
Snellville, Georgia

Aloha! I just received my first box of orange honey (with straws) this morning. WOW! DELICIOUS!! Thank you so very much for going above and beyond the call of duty for me! May God continue to richly bless you!
M. Mollet

Dear Ray, Today, we were in your store. Thank you for your time explaining us the diferent types of honey and benefits. Also, thank you for your gifts. My mom is very happy with the honey.
Yolanda & Kevin


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