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Weeks Honey Farm Gallberry Honey - Vintage Glass Muth Jar; 4 Ounce

Weeks Honey Farm Gallberry Honey - Vintage Glass Muth Jar; 4 Ounce

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A Collectible Tribute to the Days Gone By. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

All that you would expect from Weeks Honey in a Glass Jar with Cork Top. Perfect gift for any Honey Lover, Farmhouse Enthusiasts, or Designer who wants to bring the past back to life.

  • Minor Honey Crystalization to be expected. Simply heat jar slowly in warm water to return honey back to normal consistency.
  • This is a natural occurrence with Pure, Raw Honey. It does not affect quality.

Weeks Gallberry Honey, known for it's robust flavor, has a light amber tone. It is derived from the Gallberry bush. Always 100% Natural, Pure, Raw Honey- Never Cooked. Product of USA. This is a Kosher, Gluten-Free Product

All of our honey is always 100% natural with no additives, Kosher and Gluten Free, and ONLY sourced from American Beekeepers in the United States. Weeks Wildflower Honey is sourced from South Georgia, USA. Weeks Honey Farm is a family-owned business, in Omega, Georgia. Our company was founded in the early 1960s by Flaval G. and Margaret Weeks. After more than 60 years and four generations in the business, we still offer the best honey a bee can make! Our customer service is personal and just as delightful as our honey. We will not rest until you are satisfied. Try our famous honey today and see why all our customers say "Everything is Better With Weeks!"

Gallberry Honey, also known as Holly Honey, or Inkberry Honey, is only harvested from the Flatwoods of South Georgia and North Florida. IT IS AN ENDANGERED HONEY. The ecosystem for this honey is being destroyed at a very fast pace and soon will be unavailable. Every purchase helps us support the local beekeepers who harvest the nectar of this very unique plant.
  • 100% PURE: Unfiltered Raw Gallberry honey has a Mild Molasses Flavor and Medium Consistency

  • 100% AMERICAN: Harvested form US Beekeepers in South Georgia Flatwoods, no added ingredients, or imported honeys guaranteed

  • EXCELLENT: Used in Naturally, Sauces, Marinades, Baking

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