Weeks Gourmet presents Hab-A-Honey® Habanero Infused Tupelo Honey; 3 Ounce - Weeks Honey Farm, Inc.

Hab-A-Honey® Habanero Infused Tupelo Honey; 3 Ounce

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Weeks Gourmet Presents

Hab-A-Honey® Habanero Infused Tupelo Honey

Seductively sweet honey will taste delicious drizzled over roasted or grilled vegetables. When your marinade needs a little kick, add in Hab-A-Honey to season chicken, pork or beef like a master chef. Add some savory-sweet-heat to your fresh, country fried chicken right out of the fryer! All our hot honeys whisk easily into your favorite dressings to make salads sing! Do you enjoy goat cheese? Our Hab-A-Honeys ballances the chalky, tart texture to create a gourmet marriage made in heaven. Perfect by itself as a dessert, or top your fresh fruit after every meal.

Hab-A-Honey® was originally developed and taste tested for 2 years to introduce the smokey warm flavor of our habanero to folks who claimed they could not eat hot pepper. We start with a habanero with a 350,000 Scoville heat index. After carefully coring pods and cooking and storing the habanero peppers in seasoned vinegar for a minimum of three years. When infused with the Tupelo honey it creates the most wonderful, sweet heat treat imaginable. In 2007 Hab-A-Honey® was entered in the 2007 National Scoville Contest during the Fiery Foods Show in New Mexico. Hab-A-Honey® was awarded its own category as mentioned in Chile Pepper Magazine.

This product is perfect to pair with cheeses, top off smoked pork chops, chicken and lamb.

  • Weeks Premium Raw Tupelo Honey, Superfood

  • Habanero Peppers

  • Infused By Hand, and Aged to Perfection

  • Produced on a Sustainable Farm

  • 330-350 Scoville