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Enjoy your favorite vegetables any way you like, but top them all off with a dash of heat from the guys at HOT TAR and wait for your mouth to water. Their infused products are a labor of love and patience, with each bottle requiring a minimum of three years to produce. Add the mixes and sauces they offer and you can't go wrong at your next bar-b-que, family get together, or just enhancing your best recipes. Try them all and you will be sure to thank us later! Make every meal one to remember.

NEW! hand-infused products:

HOT TAR Aged Bourbon Barell Vinegar; 5 Ounces
HOT TAR Aged Bourbon Barell Vinegar; 5 Ounces
HOT TAR Aged Bourbon Barell Vinegar; 5 Ounces

HOT TAR Aged Bourbon Barell Vinegar; 5 Ounces


We are proud to introduce one of our finest vinegars to date, our exclusive Bourbon Barrel Aged Vinegar. This bottled vinegar is unique and is very limited in production. The aging process delivers nuances that stand out from all the other barreled products available. This unique color and taste is above all others. Our select bourbon barrels are of the highest quality on the market. We have worked hard on this delicacy to make it a step above all others. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

A blend of aged vinegar finished in bourbon barrels for 3 years!


• 6 Year Aged Scotch Bonnet Vinegar
• 12 Year Aged Seasoned Vinegar
• 6 Year Aged Scorpion Vinegar
• 4 Year Aged Dill Vinegar
• 6 Year Aged Garlic Vinegar
• 6 Year Aged Bay Vinegar
• 6 Year Aged Coriander Vinegar
• 6 Year Aged Mustard Seed Vinegar

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When You Want A Quality That Is Years in The Making

When you want an exotic gourmet vinegar that is years ahead (literally) of any major store brand vinegar there is no better choice than the HOT TAR Bourbon Aged Vinegar. Compromised of 8 varieties, and spanning 52 combined aged years of painstaking patience and love for the craft this product is a gourmet treasure of infused flavor. Use it for flavoring drinks, sauces, salads, or greens- the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

We offer you our best, so you can expect the best. If you are not satisfied then we will provide you a replacement or a full refund. We stand behind our products and our vendor's quality, so you can rest assured of our commitment to you and your family.