The Natural Way To Grease Your Baking Pans

Updated: Jun 18

Weeks Pure natural beeswax can be used to naturally grease cookie sheets and baking molds! If you have a section of wax, BUY NOW (1 Ounce, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound )

you can simply rub it over your pans and use it in place of butter or oil. (All our American Beeswax is edible so this is perfectly safe.)

It works best if you warm the sheet a bit first. You can also melt the wax and apply it that way. Reportedly over time the pan will take on a permanent coat of wax, eliminating the need to grease every time.

Beeswax is also traditionally used in making canelés, giving them their characteristic crispness and a slight honey flavor.

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