Weeks Gourmet presents Rosemary Infused Tupelo Honey; 3 Ounce - Weeks Honey Farm, Inc.

Rosemary Infused Tupelo Honey; 3 Ounce

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Weeks Gourmet Presents

Rosemary Infused Tupelo Honey

Our Tupelo is pulled from hives in the Eastern part of Panhandle of Florida from Bristol to Appalachicola. Tupelo is slowly infused using young new sprigs of Rosemary. We grow our Rosemary on raised beds on our all-natural sustainable farm. Tupelo pulls the wonderful essence of Rosemary that produces a flavour like no other. Tupelo Rosemary pairs wonderfully with many kinds of cheese. Beware!, once Tupelo Rosemary makes it in your favourite coffee you will never drink coffee without it again.

Fantastic on grilled chicken, Cornish hens, turkey and lamb chops. Always apply to meats right before taking off the grill. This keeps honey from burning and losing its elasticity. The possibilities are endless.

  • Weeks Premium Raw Tupelo Honey, Superfood

  • Fresh Rosemary Infused By Hand, and Aged to Perfection for 2 years

  • Produced on a Sustainable Farm