Weeks Honey Best Sellers 4 Pack: 22oz Glass

Weeks Honey Best Sellers 4 Pack: 22oz Glass

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Get a taste of all our best sellers in one box! Special offer for a limited time only! This item will ship in a box on its own. Perfect for gifts this time of year. Add a note if you wish as you checkout for that special someone.


An Endangered Southern Honey

Weeks Monofloral Gallberry Honey, known for it's robust flavor, has a light amber tone. It is derived from the Gallberry bush. Always 100% Natural, Pure, Raw Honey- Never Cooked. Product of USA. This is a Kosher, Gluten-Free Product

  • 100% PURE: Unfiltered Raw Gallberry honey has a Mild Molasses Flavor and Medium Consistency
  • 100% AMERICAN: Harvested form US Beekeepers in South Georgia Flatwoods, no added ingredients, or imported honeys guaranteed
  • EXCELLENT: Used in Naturally, Sauces, Marinades, Baking

Due to reduced habitat of the Southern Gallberry bush, Gallberry honey is officially an endangered honey. Your purchase helps support beekeepers and their efforts to replenish lost Gallberry habitats.



Sourced from the beautiful banks of the Alapaha River in South Georgia, this pure honey contains a Natural Blend of Tupelo and Wildflower. The smooth taste is a one-of-a-kind delight found only in Weeks Alapaha Honey. Due to reduced habitat this honey is a very limited variety.

  • Natural and Raw Tupelo (75% +/-) and Wildflower Honey
  • Smooth Buttery Taste with a Mild Essence of Wildflower
  • Not Pasteurized
  • No Additives, No Imports


A premium, beautiful grade raw honey. Selected by  Ray Crosby himself, this honey would have normally been kept back for himself and his family. He has decided to offer it to you -and oh what a delight it is! A very mild honey, with fresh fruity under tones. Super sweet and intoxicating to look at! We don't think we have seen a prettier honey in a long time. Get yours now, it is a very limited harvest.

Only available at our location and on www.weekshoneyfarm.com.

Harvested locally at our family farm in Omega, Georgia. USA.


Our super-rich Ceylon Cinnamon Infused Honey is an amazing product whose taste will have you licking the spoon! Made with true Ceylon Cinnamon, this All-Natural, and Raw Honey product will become a staple of your pantry. There are literally limitless uses for this healthy superfood. Do your research on Ceylon Cinnamon and the added benefits of combining it with raw honey. You will be astounded.

We love this product on apples, in granola, as well as a natural sweetener in coffee, tea, and chai on the farm. Let us know how you like it and send us a photo of the recipe you used! If we use it in an ad we will be sure to send you a gift.


OU Kosher Certified HoneyCertified Kosher.

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