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Orange Blossom Honey; 48 Ounce

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Due to container availability issues this item is currently discontinued. We are sorry but it is out of our control. Please select another available size. If we are able to source in the future we will notify you via email.

Weeks Orange Blossom Honey has a deliciously light, citrus taste with the aroma of orange blossoms. It is commonly used in hot teas, baking, cooking, and as a general table honey.

  • 100% PURE: Unfiltered Raw Orange Blossom honey has a Tangy Flavor and Medium Consistency

  • 100% AMERICAN: Harvested from US Beekeepers in Florida and California Orange Groves, no added ingredients, or imported honeys guaranteed

  • EXCELLENT: Used in Naturally Sweetening Hot Teas, Sauces, Marinades, or as a Table Honey

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