Product Returns & Shipping Claims



Incorrect Order

If your order is incorrect please contact us  and we will ship your correct merchandise and send a return mailing label to return unopened, undamaged in the original box. Please include your order number and missing items.

Damaged Goods

You must notify us within 7 days of delivery by our contact page to file a claim of damaged goods. It is your responsibility to notify us within this time. Follow your tracking information to avoid issues and know when a package is to be delivered. Failure to do so voids any responsibility on our part.


If the goods are damaged in shipment we will promptly replace as soon as possible. We strive to pack and ship our products as effectively to resist damage as possible, but sometimes it does happen. If you receive a damaged box, please

  • Take as many photos as possible of each side and interior

  • Take photos of the shipping and FRAGILE labels

  • Do not destroy the box, but retain it if inspection is required

Failure to do these things may void your replacement.


Send the photos to along with your order number as a reference and any specific details and we will begin a claim. ONLY once we have the photos will we send replacements of damaged goods.

Lost Shipments / Stolen Deliveries

From time to time we encounter lost shipments. This issue must be brought to our attention by the Customer for obvious reasons. Please let us know if you are experiencing a lost shipment (along with your order number) within 7 days past delivery date. Do your diligence to call the shipping company with your tracking number and bring it to their attention. Please provide us with those details and we will coordinate with you and the delivery company on a replacement.

We do not provide replacements for stolen deliveries. It is the customer's responsibility to collect the merchandise in a safe and secure residence or drop off location. Contact your local law enforcement.

Unsatisfactory Product Claim / Refunds

If you are not satisfied with your product, please provide details (along with your order number) as to why- and how we can make your experience and our product better. We will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied and continue to enjoy Weeks Honey Farm.

We typically do not issue refunds, but if the problem can not be resolved in another fashion we will negotiate with our customers directly. You can call us at 229-921-8776 to coordinate a solution from 9-5 Monday -Friday EST, USA. Our are happy to say our customers rarely are displeased with our product. Problems normally are shipping in nature and are resolved quickly.

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