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The Story of Weeks Honey Farm, A Family Adventure

Weeks Honey Farm continues to be a family-owned business, operated by Sharon Weeks Crosby, her son Ray Crosby, his wife Sonja, and other family members in Omega, Georgia. Our company was founded in 1960 by Flaval G. and Margaret Weeks. After more than 60 years and four generations in the business, we still offer the best honey a bee can make!


Ray Crosby Tending the Bees.

All of our honey is produced in America, "strained" not filtered, with satisfaction guaranteed! We support beekeepers locally and across the country to provide the very best quality raw honey direct to you. Our family prays God blesses you in your life as He has in ours!

Margaret Weeks and Daughter Sharon Crosby
Margaret Weeks and Daughter Sharon Crosby.
Working the Bee Boxes in Years Gone By.
Our Honey on the Shelf in Early Years.
Our New Labels and Products Today!


We've been blessed through the years to be able to participate with, contribute to, and simply be associated with the following organizations. We encourage you to become familiar with these or any others that can help you give back what's been given to you! 


We believe in protecting the natural environment as much as possible, to provide for the next generation a cleaner, healthier place to live.
All our plastics containers are BPA free, and are recycled PETE #1.

We are also a member and sponsor of The American Honey Producers Association, and only sell US Made Honey from American Companies.

M A D E  I N  U S A  M A T T E R S