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Our Sharpest Customer!

Weeks Honey has fans everywhere, but now one of our most famous is Legendary Master Knife Maker Gil Hibben and his beautiful wife Linda. Gil is known as the God Father to knife makers around the world and gained original fame for developing the Rambo Series decades ago. He has countless other accomplishments that you can read about at the link below.

His wife Linda recently ordered the Weeks Limited Edition Blackberry Honey and a jar of Weeks Honey Cinnamon Spread to taste. Linda said that it was all wonderful and that the Cinnamon Spread was the best she had ever had! Now if you don't know, Linda is a food connoisseur and tries many different varieties from all over the world, so we take this as a very high honor.

If you have not tried the Weeks Blackberry Honey order yours here while supplies last.

The amazing award-winning Weeks Honey Cinnamon Spread is available here.

Find out more about the Legendary Master Knife Maker Gil Hibben and all his blades here.

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