Please, Feed the Bees!

Please, Feed the Bees!

Have you ever seen a mower slicing down clover on the sides of the road? Have you observed a tractor spraying weed killer to clear the ditches all season long? Do you have a sprawling yard of acres of perfect grass? Well all these practices have been destroying the natural food source for honeybees for decades. Bees are finding it harder and harder to locate a sustainable food source. Many bee hives are being lost because of it. As we push our pavement, and lawns further into the natural habitat of honeybees, they have fewer options.

So what can be done about it? Progress will continue, that can not be stopped. How we progress can. We can consider a smaller yard that is manicured, and allow natural growth to occur. We can even landscape with bee friendly plants, which in turn help the bee's and increases pollination in all our gardens. We can petition mowing over spraying to allow more vegetation to be accessible to our honeybees.

One State is taking the matter very seriously and even paying you to do it. Minnesota has a Program to pay homeowners to let their lawn go to the bees.

Read More About the Program as Reported Here:

Understanding that Diversity is the Key will create a healthier environment for everyone, and every bee. Do you want to plant to Feed The Bees? Try planting, or letting these plant varieties grow naturally in your yards and fields. As always confirm your growing zones and season of each.

The great thing is Nature will take care of the honey bees if we just let it grow what comes naturally. Leave part of your yard wild. After a while, you might be blessed with honeybees!

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