Nature's Best Survival Item: Raw Honey

Prepper Approved Survival Honey - 3,000 Year Shelf Life!

How can you go wrong with the best time-tested survival food? No pantry or bug-out bag should be without one of Nature's Sweetest and Most Nutritional Food. The benefits and applications of Raw Weeks Honey are as endless as time itself.

Raw honey has been reported to have survived 1,000's of years of storage and never spoils when stored correctly. The ancient Egyptians understood this and even carried it into the after-life with them. This same honey was dug up centuries later and enjoyed by the people who discovered it.

Raw honey should be stockpiled by every serious survivalist, or prepper. It is considered by some the ultimate survival food due to its long shelf life and benefits. Raw honey has been valued by humans since the beginning of time. This has been documented in cave paintings, mentioned in the Bible and documented in many other ancient cultures.

Stock Up By Raw Variety: (All-American, No Imports)
Buckwheat HoneyClover HoneyOrange Blossom HoneyWildflower Honey

People have historically used Raw Honey as a sweetener for foods, for medicinal use, and even as an embalming for the dead. Raw honey was such a respected food that it was used even in religious rituals from the Hinduism culture to the Judaism culture and Buddhism practices.

Raw Honey has a shelf life is measured in centuries, that’s right it will outlast you! It never spoils when stored correctly and in time only its look will change mostly due to the exposure to sunlight or crystallization. You should stockpile as much Raw Honey as you can. It is a SUPERFOOD.

HOW TO: If your honey crystallized, you can return the honey to its original state- all you need is a bowl of hot water (120 degrees F or less). You can put the sealed container of honey in the bowl and let the honey melt for about 30 to 60 seconds. Don't overheat the honey or you will destroy the natural benefits. Crystallized honey has a melting point of between 104°F and 120 °F. Any hotter will damage the honey. Store it normally at 70 degrees.

Raw Honey is a Natural Energy Source

Consumed by man since the beginning of time for it's sweetness, we have discovered that Raw Survival Honey is a highly energetic food (100 gr of honey will give you 304 kcal). It is quickly absorbed and assimilated by our body and it is a valuable dietetic food. We have learned in modern science that it is absorbed easier than commercial processed sugar. It also is converted directly to energy.

Need some Raw Honey for your Bug-out bag? Our Honey Straws are Perfect!

Pantry Honey, the Perfect Survival Food

Raw Honey has Added Benefits

Raw Honey is an important source of natural probiotics, vitamins and minerals, but it also contains antioxidants that are being researched by today's scientists  as it seems raw honey has reported healing proprieties. Raw Survival honey provides a punch of Vitamin C and B vitamins, and it is a good source of calcium, copper, iron, sulfur and zinc.These benefits would become critical in an emergency situation.

Don't limit your stockpile of Weeks Raw Honey to just a sugar substitute. Research for yourself and discover how Raw Honey can be your Survival Got-To Product. It literally may be liquid-gold.

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