Alapaha Honey is a Delight From the Dark Waters of South Georgia, USA

Alapaha Honey is a Delight From the Dark Waters of South Georgia, USA

The Cicada are vibrating their wings against the sizzling summer heat, and the caramel brown water lazily moves a freshly dropped leaf down the sandy bank. Your feet cool off in the water as you run your hands in the soft, sandy shore thinking of days gone by and the people who graced this landscape hundreds of years ago. A gentle breeze whistles above the Tupelos and the fragrance of wildflowers is showered down all around you. You see a honeybee grace the trees and their flowers, then whisp down quickly over the slow dark water. This is where our honey comes from.

Our newest honey is sourced from the beautiful banks of the mysterious Alapaha River in South Georgia. This caramel-coloured river often drops out of sight by going underground during the dry season as seen below- and leaving beaches of white sand dunes.

The Tupelo trees and wildflowers along the bank together form wonderful honey unlike any other. The plants are nourished by the rich waters below, as it slowly passes under the majestic tree canopies. Serene and quiet, this river is a destination for local outdoor adventurers.

Try Alapaha Honey Today! Just like the river itself, it might disappear!

Packaged by hand in a 22 ounce mason style jar and securely sealed until you open. All-American, Kosher and Gluten Free for your healthy lifestyle.

NUTRITION FACTS: Serving size 1 tsp (21G) AMOUNT PER SERVING: Calories: 60, Total Fat: 0% (0% DV), Sugars; 17g, (34% DV) Protein; 0g (0% DV). *Percentage Daily Values Based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet.

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