Weeks Products

  • Work from Home & Snack Healthy!

    You won't believe how tasty and satisfying these healthy snacks can be!

  • A Healthy Baker's Necessity!

    Our All-Natural, All-American Honey is Pure, and Raw so it contains all the benefits you desire. It is perfectly suited for every kitchen, from chefs to stay at home moms- this honey is a pantry necessity.
  • The Beauty of Weeks Rare American Sage Honey

    Weeks American Sage is one of the best honey to match with savoury dishes and strong cheeses and to use as an ingredient in rich BBQ sauces and glazes.
  • Alapaha Honey is a Delight From the Dark Waters of South Georgia, USA

    Our newest honey is sourced from the beautiful banks of the mysterious Alapaha River in South Georgia. This caramel-coloured river often drops out of sight by going underground during the dry season as seen below- and leaving beaches of white sand dunes.
  • The Endangered Southern Gallberry Honey

    The bees are active again in the wetlands and Flatwoods of South Georgia this Spring. The nectar is flowing and so is the honey. Southerners in this area of the state have gathered secret honey for hundreds of years.
  • Good Honey Takes Hard Work!

    Have you ever caught yourself price shopping honeys? There can be a major price variance between brands when you journey down the aisles. When you...