Good Honey Takes Hard Work!

Good Honey Takes Hard Work!

Have you ever caught yourself price shopping honeys? There can be a major price variance between brands when you journey down the aisles. When you buy honey make sure to read the fine print to know where your product comes from and what is in it.

First, we all know bees make honey, but did you know just how hard they work to create such a delicious, nutritious, and benefiting product for us? Lets say you had to work full days, for 45 days, with no day off- how much would you expect to profit? -and did we mention you died after your job? This is the standard work rate that honey bees use to produce honey, one teaspoon of honey! Please respect the hard efforts of our bees when you think about the cost of Pure Raw Honey on your dining table.

Now, lets discover a honey brand's true value from the label. Here is what you should notice:

If you want to 100% ensure US standards, then you have to keep your food sources within the US market.

Weeks Honey is only sourced from local, American honey bee farms. Country of origin is very important if you are concerned with this. Some honey brands mix the honey from different countries to save costs and extend their supply (we understand this because only so much honey is made yearly by bees).

Has the honey been processed? Is it pasteurized, or cooked? If so, then it has lost much of the health benefits it naturally contains. Is it pure? Some honey products have cheaper additives to extend the "honey" farther. This is done to speed up production and to increase profits.

Weeks Honey is always Naturally Raw, Pure, and Unfiltered to provide you with the best available product from Hive to Table.

Honey is a beautiful natural product. We don't fault other brands for tactics or trying to meet consumer demand, we just like to provide you with the best honey available. Try Weeks Honey today to taste the difference.

Thanks for supporting the Family Farm!

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