Is Raw Honey Worth It?

Is Raw Honey Worth It?

So many people question the cost of raw honey over a more "value" priced product in the store. Most honestly don't taste the difference when there is no comparison item, so why invest more?

Let's take a fact based look at the two, then you decide which is a better bargain? First we must define the two products.


How Raw Honey is Produced:

How Processed (Regular) Honey is Produced: Pick up where we left above, except you add :


Raw honey contains :

Processed Honey May Contain: Because of low honey production worldwide, and approximately 400 million pounds of honey is consumed in the US yearly alone, it’s hard to meet this high demand from local suppliers alone. This is why approximately 70% of the honey consumed in the US is imported from lesser monitored or regulated markets.

Raw Honey vs Organic Honey:

Raw and organic honey are subject to different regulations in different countries. In the US, there is no rule that organic honey can’t be heated or processed, which means it may not be raw.

Read more about this independent honey news article here.

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