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We all want to make better choices and remove harmful chemicals and bio engineered foods from our diets. Weeks is proud to provide you premium raw, 100% natural American honey -just like we have since 1960. Discover the ways you can supplement your diet and keep your sweet tooth happy at the same time!


Best Sugar Substitute Honey

Weeks Clover honey is the mildest honey, and one of the sweetest. Harvested in North and South Dakota our American Clover is a perfect sugar substitute. Our customers use it to sweeten lemonade, add to peanut butter, drizzle over fruit, and create smoothies. If you are not keen on honey flavor, and want to eat healthier this honey can be substituted for processed sugar at half the required amount. (Example: Requires 2 tsp sugar / use 1 tsp honey)


Best Smoothie Honey

Are you wanting to make healthier smoothies and keep your sweet tooth happy?- then we have Nature's best kept candy jar. Depending on what you want to create, and the ingredients involved you can choose from a variety of tastes. The most common varieties used to make smoothies are Blackberry, Clover, and Orange Blossom honey. If you are an athlete then we recommend orange blossom for an extra added burst of energy and antioxidants. It has been referred to as runner's fuel.

You can use any honey according to your taste. Honey can be substituted for processed sugar at half the required amount. (Example: Requires 2 tsp sugar / use 1 tsp honey)

Best Hot Tea Honey

The perfect partner to a steaming cup of hot tea is a teaspoon of raw honey! The hands-down winner for tea drinkers has always been the complex Wildflower honey, but we offer many others for your diverse pallets. We recommend trying Gallberry, Sage, Buckwheat, Alapaha, and Ceylon Cinnamon Honey for a new flavor to enhance your favorite tea. The buckwheat and the sage are the strongest tastes.

Best Coffee Honey

We enjoy our coffee strong, and prefer the darker honey varieties. Again, you can use any honey per your taste. The following are our selections for a hefty cup of coffee, with an added taste similar to molasses. Buckwheat, Wildflower, and Gallberry provide a great cup of joe and smooth out any strong blend. You can use the lighter honey, but we prefer the taste that comes through with these harvests. The others are normally lost in the coffee but still provide a sweetener.

Best Baking Honey

Well, the name speaks for itself. Our Bakery honey is a premium wildflower blend that will work perfectly in recipes for baked goods and more. Try our popular bakery honey today and kick processed sugar to the curb! Honey can be substituted for processed sugar at half the required amount. (Example: Requires 2 tsp sugar / use 1 tsp honey)

Best Sauce Ingredient Honey

No honey has won more BBQ contests than Buckwheat honey has. It is a premium ingredient in rubs, and pork glazes found in professional recipes across the nation. Robust and bold, it marrys the other ingredients into a blissful dream. If you cant get yours, Gallberry and Wildflower are both similar in cooked outcome.

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